Mossy Banks Farm
Contact: Lynn Wytenbroek
Address: 8000 Richards Trail Duncan, BC, V9L 6B2
Email Address:
Phone: 250-597-3513
About Us
Mossy Banks Farm is a Permaculture farm and a space to learn. Often referred to as “Jurassic Farm,” its peaty soils from the marsh allow plants to grow vigorously. The property is over thirty acres, only seven of which are being farmed. The rest of the property is held in ecological reserves including Garry Oak meadows on the bluffs, the mossy forest floor, and the beautiful wetland marshes at the base of the property.
Owner Lynn Wytenbroek has created three food forests (and one mini one) as well as a full integrated animal farm that supports one another. A beautiful thing about Mossy Banks is the attitude with which the animals are raised. Conventional isn’t the first word that springs to mind. For example, Lynn is raising rabbits for meat within a rabbit run that is larger than most pet rabbit pens. Her team has built a fully enclosed pen that allows the rabbits to graze on the pasture and to raise their young in naturally self-dug rabbit holes. Mossy Banks Farm is also currently working on expanding this pen, so that the rabbits can cycle between two separate runs. This makes for (very) happy and healthy rabbits. You can see them running, jumping, and binkying (a real term – this is a rabbit’s way of telling you straight out that it is happy and overall pleased with you and its life by jumping and shaking it’s ears).

Mossy Banks Farm doesn’t just raise rabbits. Their list of animals is almost as long as the list of berry varieties that it grows. All on tractors that are moved every day, the farm raises pigs, as well as heritage and conventional meat birds and turkeys inspired by Joel Salatin. Animal tractors are an enclosed area that moves every day to keep down parasites, enrich the soil, renew the grass, and protect groundwater (no build-ups of manure). They are also experimenting with putting the older meat birds (now that they are safer from predators in size), in a free run and roost identical to the laying hens. Who says that layers should get all the special treatment!