Raincoast Aquaponics
City: Duncan, BC, V9L5W4
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Phone: 250-709-0250
About Us
Vancouver Islands pioneering aquaponics greenhouse!

Aquaponic farming is a hybrid production technique that combines aquaculture and hydroponics.
At Raincoast, rainbow trout are grown in culture tanks which are connected to a hydroponic growing system. The waste water leaving the fish tanks is circulated through the hydroponic system, where a variety of beneficial bacteria work on neutralizing the fish wastes by converting them into minerals and plant nutrients.
The plants in the hydroponic system then absorb the nutrients, effectively cleaning the water, which is then recycled back into the fish tanks.
We practice organic growing methods, but are not certified at this time! We do not use any fertilizers to feed the vegetables (the fish do it for us!), and we only use very select OMRI listed pest controls that are non-toxic to the fish.