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About Us
About Dr.Haru & Kiko:
Haru worked as a doctor specializing in intestinal health for the last 15 years in Japan. Kiko have worked as a pharmacist in Japan.
From their experiences in healthcare field, as well as one of their children’s severe sensitivity and allergy to multiple food items, they have realized the limitation of the modern medicine especially in the chronic illness. They have also discovered the healing power in the fermented foods not only to the gastrointestinal but also overall wellness. Just like in the Japanese proverb “what you eat is what you treat ”.

Through these realizations and their passion for food, they have become eager to share and promote the Japanese fermented food in people’s daily lives.

Dr. Haru and Kiko has now established their company, CULTU-RICE, in Cowichan Valley with a hope of introducing high quality Koji products that they are proud to recommend from a doctor’s and pharmacist’s stand point with love and sincerity.

Our Koji products are all Live Probiotics, Organic and processed sugar-free, dairy-free, preservation-free.Therefore, people who are health-conscious, who want to improve their health, and those who want to reduce the consumption of sugar will love our products.
Koji is a beneficial microorganism that is a central part of traditional Japanese food culture. It is a key ingredient in making a various fermented foods, such as miso, soy source, rice vinegar and sake.

Rice that is cultured with koji is a rich source of vitamin B and dietary fiber, and also contains live probiotics, all essential amino acids, and more than one hundred enzymes that essentially supercharge the body and promote anti-aging.

Our company name, CULTU-RICE, is derived from “Cultured Rice” that is fermented with Koji.

All of our products use this cultured brown rice as a main ingredients, and are also free of processed sugars, nuts, dairy and preservatives.

We believe the gut health is the roots of the wellness for our whole body. Since CULTU-RICE products all contains live beneficial probiotics, incorporating our delicious foods in your daily life will support your roots strong, and your body, mind and spirit to get energetic, happy, and rejuvenated