Feeling Radish Foods
Address: 203-225 Canada Ave Duncan, BC,
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About Us
After working for many years in the corporate world and a stint in the trades as a house painter, Kristen noticed many around her were interested in incorporating more plant based foods into their diets. Having made the switch to a fully vegan diet back in 2018, she discovered a way to turn her passion for testing out her vegan recipes on family members into a new business venture. Feeling Radish Foods is a brand new company started in 2021 whose primary goal is to make it easier for people to bring delicious (and mostly healthy) plant based foods into their homes that are convenient and simple, without sacrificing an ounce of flavor. We specialize in meal helpers like chili and soups, and treats like vegan cheesecakes, snack bites and crumble bars with house made jam.
Feeling Radish Foods uses high quality ingredients and we make everything in small batches by hand. We operate out of a VIHA approved, 100% vegan kitchen. This means our products won't come into contact with any diary, eggs, meat or honey. Although our facility is not strictly gluten free, many of our products do not contain gluten ingredients and will be listed accordingly.