Island Shire
Contact: Shannon VanHemert
Address: 1967 Koksilah Rd Cowichan Bay, BC, V0R1N1
Email Address:
Phone: 250-597-7575
About Us
Our fruit and vegetables are grown sustainably in the sun and soil of the Cowichan Valley. You can taste the terroir in our strawberries and tomatoes, which we carefully pick when the sweet and the tart are perfectly balanced. Shannon is a LOTR fan, so our buildings, fields and certain trees are named for places in Tolkien's books.
••No chemical 'cides, ever! No herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. Instead we employ sound organic practices such as crop rotation, green manures, inter-cropping (not monoculture), row covers, boiling water, vinegar or Ivory soap, soil solarization and lots of plain old-fashioned weeding to beat back the insect and weed pressure, and avoid virus or fungi build-up in the soil. We continually feed our land with chicken droppings, compost, mulches and chop & drop. While we are not certified organic, we follow those principles.