Terre de Lune Farm
Contact: Simon-Julien Lacroix & Marae Daglas
Address: 1465 Cowichan Bay Rd. Cowichan Bay, BC, V0R 1N2
Email Address:
Phone: 250-466-5957
About Us
Located in the Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, Terre de Lune is a collaboration between two young agrarians to cultivate a ½ acre and share wholesome foods grown with passion. We offer a variety of produce such as salad greens, fruits, veggies and savory herbs.
It is our belief that our food should be our medicine and likewise we feel most of us would benefit from connecting more with the people who grow it. We are humble stewards of the land and to the countless beings that bring us our beautiful tomatoes with their thousands of interactions. We are truly delighted to see a resurgence of small-scale organic farming across the globe and it is our belief that such practices are contributing to a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our planet. We grow in ways we envision the world.