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A&S Microgreens
Contact: Alexandru and Sharlene Ionescu
Address: 4144 St. Catherines Drive Cobble Hill, BC, V0R1L3
Phone: 250-710-6135
About Us
LOOKING FOR MICROGREENS? We grow plenty of them and have the largest selection on Vancouver Island. A&S Microgreens is a Vertical Micro Farm located in Cobble Hill, BC. Growing microgreens is a labour of love, and it is in our blood. We are chatty, so give us a call at 250-710-6135 if you have any questions about microgreens. Cheers... for now!
At A&S Microgreens, we proudly grow 60+ varieties of fresh microgreens, with non-GMO organic seeds, organic soil and medium, pure water, and the latest LED technology for light. We grow indoors, in a temperature-controlled environment, without pollution, without pesticides, without insecticides, without manure, and without soil contamination. This allows us to grow year-round, so it is always peak season for our microgreens. The results are super nutritious microgreens that have a wide range of textures, colours, and flavours. All our packaging consists of plant-based compostable and recyclable eco-clamshells. We offer our microgreens in eco-clamshells (larger quantities available on request). Visit us at or e-mail your questions and comments at