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Hop n' Quack Homestead
Contact: Emily Amon & Daniel Shipley
Address: 6569 North Rd Duncan, BC, V9L 6K9
Phone: 647-402-0612
About Us
Nestled below beautiful Swuq'us (mt. Prevost) our little homestead is a passion project driven by a goal of living in deeper connection with the land. We are proud to be stewarding this property and contributing to local food production in the valley with a mix of laying ducks, rabbits, and small-scale market gardens.
All our vegetables are grown according to regenerative and permaculture principles, with no synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. We use all non-gmo organic seed, and a variety of non-invasive practises to enhance soil fertility and reduce pests. We are grateful to the ducks and rabbits for their mighty manure, which brings our soil to life.
Our ducks and rabbits are raised on a mix of high quality local feed, natural forage, and loads of fresh vegetable scraps from Mensch Kitchen and Catering.