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Hop n' Quack Homestead
Contact: Emily Amon & Daniel Shipley
Address: 6569 North Rd Duncan, BC, V9L 6K9
Phone: 647-402-0612
About Us
Nestled below beautiful Swuq'us (mt. Prevost) our little homestead is a passion project driven by a goal of living in deeper connection with the land. We are proud to be stewarding this property and contributing to local food production in the valley with a mix of ducks, rabbits, and small-scale market gardens.
All our vegetables are grown according to regenerative and permaculture principles, with no synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. We use all non-gmo organic seed, and a variety of non-invasive practises to enhance soil fertility and reduce pests.

Our ducks and rabbits are raised on a mix of high quality local feed, natural forage, and fresh vegetable scraps.