Contact: Brent Wingham
Address: 5130 Indian Road Duncan, BC, V9L 6T4
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Phone: 250-732-2689
About Us
The word BOTANACINE comes from two words :Botany and Medicine.

Harnessing the power of botanicals to promote holistic health and wellness is what we do.

We are a young family from the Cowichan Valley producing foods and essential oils for ourselves and our community.

Botanacine was a dream, a vision we like to say. Our story began with a passion for healing botanicals, when Brent (founder) was a child he was always around sweat lodges and medicine men learning that the plants around us hold the key to our healing.

Growing up he furthered his knowledge with food and believes food is also medicine and our mission is to provide amazing quality, chemical free food and products to contribute to your health and wellness.

By growing your own food you know exactly what goes in it and you harvest it at the right time, when the brix level is proper. You can't get that from imported food, it needs to be harvested before it's ripe so it doesn't spoil/rot on the way here.

With essential oils comes a lot of diluents and cutting agents, and who knows the conditions in which these essential oils are made. At Botanacine we know we are capturing the essence of these plants and they need the best elements to do so. Our botanicals are grown to their optimum state and then we harvest them and get them right to the still. We use some of the cleanest water in the world for our distillation process and then capture it in a UV light resistance bottle. It's the little things like this which sets us aside from the big guys/girls.


Our steam distilled essential oils are extracted from plants that are hand selected and sustainably harvested on our 20 acre farm in Glenora.
With over ten years of extracting experience we have created high quality pure oils that are sure to please your senses.

Botanacine Micro greens & Lettuce are grown in our vertical farms, which take up less space then traditional farming.
We grow with environmental friendliness, food security and sustainability in mind.
We use organic non GMO seeds, use less water, and never use any chemicals or pesticides on our products.

To reduce food waste our unsold microgreens are freeze dried and refined into a powerful nutrient powder that has a ten year shelf life.

We hope that one day our local food community will be so strong, we won't need to rely on importation of foods. With cooperation and using vertical garden technology to grow all year, we can achieve this.

Thank you for getting us one step closer to that goal.