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Cowichan Station Creamery Ltd.
Contact: Henry Rekers, Renee Davy
Address: 4354 Howie Rd Duncan, BC, V9L 6N3
Phone: 250-710-3007
About Us
We are a small farm nestled in the Cowichan Station area of the Cowichan Valley. But we're more than that. We are a loving home for 18 cows, 1 horse, 2 farmers, a cat and a dog. From the house, to the barn, to the cheese plant, we have built everything ourselves using a lot of recycled materials.
What makes the farm different? We truly feel that kindness makes for a better product. Kindness to the earth, kindness to the cow, kindness to nature. Our cows live the good life and are often called "spoiled." They get to roam outside on natural terrain. They get to be indoors when the weather is bad. When they have a baby, they get to keep that baby for months until mom is ready for the calf to be weaned. They take a nice long break after lactation. When they are at that stage of life, they retire on the farm and live out their days enjoying the good life. It's the least we can do as a reward for them giving us so much.

What makes the cheese different? It all begins with the earth. We select the most natural, non-GMO grains and grasses available. We harvest our own hay from local heritage grass. Our breeding program is designed to produce the most beneficial and highest milk quality. Our cows our genetically tested and verified to help us select the best match. The cheesemaker has been perfecting the cheesemaking process for the past 10 years. The entire process from earth to table has been designed to give the best, healthiest, cleanest product possible.