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Acorn Veggies
Contact: Aiyana Jennings
Address: 7185 Bell Mckinnon Road Duncan, BC, V9L6B5
Phone: 403-836-6969
About Us
Our market garden is located at Under the Oak Farm in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.

In August of 2020, Aiyana left a professional career as a sign language interpreter to devote herself full-time to market gardening. She learned an appreciation of home-grown food from her parents, who have maintained a large food garden in the Calgary area for as long as Aiyana can remember.

Having grown up spoiled with amazingly tasty backyard produce, Aiyana is passionate about sharing with others the superior taste and quality of 100% natural and local food, grown with the care and attention of a micro-scale producer.
Our goal is to provide great-tasting and nutritious 'backyard' produce by sticking to the basics: building the soil with compost and cover crops, incorporating 'no-till' methods and supporting biodiversity. We strictly avoid the use of chemicals.
Aiyana grows everything herself with only hand tools. Aiyana's husband Mike and their 2 young boys help out part-time.

We believe in doing what we can to contribute to a healthier earth and future for our children. Anything that would traditionally require plastic packaging will be packed in a certified compostable bag or other eco-friendly alternative.