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Bird's Eye Cove Farm
Contact: Heather Skoretz
Address: 5881 Genoa Bay Road Duncan, BC, V9L 5Y5
Phone: 250-748-1757
About Us
Established in 1860, Bird's Eye Cove Farm is the oldest operating farm in the Cowichan Valley. At well over 300 acres in size, the farm is primarily a beef and forage operation, specializing in grass fed Highland beef. We also produce Berkshire pork, value added meat products, honey, eggs and some seasonal vegetables. We operate a small farmgate store in which we sell our various farm products.
The 300+ acres of the farm gives livestock a lot of room to live. Our registered herd of Highland Cattle have all been born and raised here. Our beef is 100% grass fed with no grain, antibiotics or growth hormones. We have chosen the Highland breed because it is renowned for its healthy and nutritious meat. It has lower levels of fat and cholesterol and a higher protein and iron content than other beef. Our customers appreciate that our Highlands are holistically raised and well cared for their entire lives.