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Scorpion Chef
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Address: 641 Sentinel Drive Mill Bay, BC, V0R 2P4
Phone: 250-896-1763
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Scorpion Chef
Chef Daniel Marcelo Anastasi

“Artisan Empanadas”

“Expect An Experience”

A new, tantalizing Culinary Experience has arrived in Vancouver Island, BC!
Spanish rolls off the tongue as easily as Italian or English, albeit with a charming international accent, for Daniel Marcelo Anastasi, award-winning Executive Chef.

His culinary delight has been tantalizing palettes in Canada’s hospitality industry for several years. Learning from his Italian roots,
Chef Marcelo’s style is based on the traditions of Grand European cooking and has used this to form the foundation for his own unique style.
By incorporating the use of fresh, and locally grown products. Chef Marcelo has managed to dazzle connoisseurs with his colorful arrangements and presentations.

This has gained him an international reputation for his imaginative pasta techniques such as lobster ravioli with white chocolate truffle sauce and the development of “menus without borders”.

“My biggest asset is my creativity, and my food philosophy is simple,” he explains, it’s all about taste utilizing local ingredients!”

It was not long before his adopted country recognized his talent conjoined with his displays of creativity and imagination when he was a member for
Culinary Team Canada and Culinary Team Ontario.
Chef Marcelo worked with celebrity Chef Michael Smith to assemble and coach ARAMARK Team Canada for the Culinary Excellence Challenge, Chicago, USA.
Tourist Toronto and The Escoffier Society selected Chef Marcelo Anastasi as a regional chef to represent Toronto at the Gourmet Institute and Gourmet Magazine showcase in New York City. This gave him the opportunity to work with celebrity chefs such as Joan Monfaredi, Mario Batalli, and Sara Moulton.

Internationally renowned chef de cuisine and owner, Marcelo Anastasi, has brought his incredibly delectable creations to our community through his new masterly designed "Artisan Empanadas", Scorpion Chef offers a variety of frozen Empanadas, ready to be bake at the conform of your home.

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Chef Marcelo is an award-winning Executive Chef that brings his Spanish and Italian upbringing to the expertise of his culinary offerings. This leading chef in Canada has landed in Cowichan Valley to share his delicious creations with our community. His focus is to combine local ingredients, spices, and seeds to create truly unique flavors, most commonly roasting his favorite dishes.

Each menu item is specially crafted by Chef Marcelo to tantalize your taste buds when you unravel each creation in your own home

“Food is essential for the body, but good food nourishes the soul”.

Scorpion Chef, Artisan Empanadas has been eloquently titled to perfection.
This hip, sleek, modern concept is full of flavor to feast both your eyes and taste buds. When you discover this new concept you will be pleasantly greeted with exotic aromas, a variety of fresh and highest quality local ingredients.

“If you want to die for a second and go to heaven, try Marcelo’s masterpieces Empanadas”

Chef Marcelo's Artisan Empanadas are hand-crafted to perfection offering, the Traditional Pastry filled with Beef or Grilled Chicken or 5 Inspired Local Vegetables with Caramelized Onions, Spanish Smoked Paprika, and a touch of Cumin.

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