Pathfinder Dog Treats
Address: 1716 Westlock Road Duncan, BC, V9L5N8
Phone: 250-466-5658
About Us
My husband & I moved our two rescue Huskies to Vancouver Island in 2019 to add a little adventure in our lives. We all love to hike and explore and the island is where it’s at!! I run a Dog Walking business with our pups and that’s where the treats began. Having a healthy, single protein, High value treat is huge when we are on the trails teaching new pups how to be off leash. If they are going to check in with you they are going to want something awesome in return. The treats are also great as a “post-hike” reward to enjoy!
We wanted the treats to be sustainable from farm to packaging. We have built amazing relationships with many farmers (and their dogs) on the island. When they have fresh product I head over asap!! Most of the farmers we work with request "No cut & wrap" during processing. This cuts down on butcher fees for them and unnecessary paper for the environment. Packaging was also key in ensuring these treats are doing good for the planet. Our bags are compostable!! We are also constantly researching the most latest and greatest technology for packaging and keeping our planet happy.