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Farmship Growers Co-op
Contact: Dedicated group of growers
Address: 13188 Doole Rd. Ladysmith, BC, V9G1G6
Phone: 250-245-5104
About Us
Farmship is a dynamic group of hard working farmers growing fruits and vegetables cooperatively on 12 acres of land. The property is family owned and is located in Ladysmith.

We grow over seventy different crops naturally and sustainably on our farm.

We sell fresh high quality produce directly to consumers at farmers markets, online, through small independent grocers and to local restaurants. Our Community Supported Agriculture fresh box program runs from the Spring equinox in March to the winter Solstice in December.

We follow organic methods but we are not certified yet. We use a nice rich compost on all our crops, we grow cover crops to replenish the soil. We only use OMRI compliant amendments. We use non-treated organic seeds as much as we can and we also save our own seeds.