Cowichan Green Community GEC
Contact: Cowichan Green Community
Address: 360 Duncan St Duncan, BC, V9L 3W4
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Phone: 250-597-8200
About Us
Cowichan Green Community (CGC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving food security in the Cowichan Valley. CGC envisions a food secure Cowichan nourished by celebrating our connection to food, to our environment and to each other.

Cowichan Green Community leads three programs that produce seeds, plants and farm produce for purchase though Cow-op: Ceres Edible Landscaping, Cowichan Agriculture Seed Hub and the Garden Education Center. CGC's KinPark Youth Urban Farm also sells their harvest through a separate account on Cow-op.

Ceres Edible Landscaping offers organic horticultural services throughout the Cowichan Valley, including growing seeds and starts for gardeners. Cowichan Agriculture Seed Hub grows certified organic, locally adapted crops specifically for seed production. The Garden Education Center cultivates native and medical plants, supports local habitat restoration and provides education to our community.

Enjoy our the harvest of our community programs and thank your for supporting the growth of food security in the Cowichan Valley.