The Mindful Mouthful
Contact: Clements Centre Socety
Address: 5856 Clements Street Duncan, BC, V9L 3W3
Email Address:
Phone: 250-464-1352
About Us
The Mindful Mouthful is an employee-centered business specializing in cookies, dessert bars and meat pies. But there’s a delicious twist! We are uniquely-abled adults from the Clements Centre for Community Living and we are on a mission. Through our sensational sweets and savoury delights, we are promoting consciousness
and celebrating our abilities to work and earn a living. With the Mindful Mouthful everyone wins. Just take a bite. You'll see!
At The Mindful Mouthful, we give you the experience of savouring delicious, locally hand-made food. But perhaps even more importantly, we give you the opportunity to be socially responsible while crunching your cookie or munching your meat pie. Buying from The Mindful Mouthful empowers people with developmental disabilities in your community with the freedom, independence and pride that comes with employment. You make a difference to the lives of many when you choose The Mindful Mouthful.