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Pine North
Contact: Nick Iafrancesco + Tara Viglione
Address: 5890 Kapoor rd Duncan, BC, V0R 2G0
Phone: 250-709-5847
About Us
Welcome to Pine North Farm, where our roots run deep and our passion for wholesome food is ingrained in every seed we sow.

From a young age, we were immersed in the art of cultivating the land, watching in awe as our parents and grandparents nurtured bountiful home gardens. These experiences instilled in us a profound appreciation for the satisfaction and deliciousness that come from growing our own food and crafting homemade meals from nature's bounty.

Our ultimate goal is simple yet profound: to nourish ourselves primarily with the food grown on this land. And we are thrilled to extend this invitation to you. Whether you're seeking fresh produce, flavorful fresh eggs, or simply a deeper connection to your food and the earth, we welcome you to join us on this delicious journey.
Pine North is a small-scale hobby farm located in Sahtlam. We are passionate about the interconnectedness of all things on our farm. Our lovely flock of leghorn and red sex sal link chickens enjoy running around outside and grazing on greens and discarded produce from our garden. They are also fed island grown feed mixed with locally sourced oyster shells. In return, they provide us with delicious and nutritious eggs and the most fertile compost that goes right back into the soil. It's a harmonious cycle of sustainability and abundance.
Our veggies, fruits, berries and greens are grown outdoors and in greenhouses, all in soil, composed of our home-based compost.