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Wild Style Farms
Contact: Ashley MacLeod
Address: 13-6172 Alington Rd Duncan, BC, V9L2E9
Phone: 604-358-0643
About Us
Our Farm

Wild Style Farms is a honey bee and flower farm run in community with nature. Our honey comes from locally run hives kept in Cowichan Valley, BC.
Our approach to beekeeping is rooted in organic and natural management techniques to produce high quality, raw honey; with the health and well-being of the bees as our highest priority. The honey is produced from a variety of local, natural foraging sources such as: Maple, Arbutus, Hawthorne, Blackberry, Pearly Everlasting, Fireweed, Golden Rod and Wild Flowers. Wild Style Apiaries’ values are rooted a deep respect of the wild and beautiful
wonder that is nature and the symbiotic relationship between bees, plants, food and life. We love our bees and we hope that you can taste some of that in our honey! We are a values based farm that cares about the preservation of pollinators and the natural diversity of the land. We want to share our passion for nature with the local community by offering beautiful flowers that inspire joy and local honey that nourishes the body and soul.

Our Flowers

We focus on growing pollinator friendly blooms and reserve areas of our farm as forage and sanctuary for honey bees, native bees and other pollinators. We grow many specialty varieties of flowers and offer fresh cut bouquets from Spring through Fall and dried arrangements/wreaths in the Winter.

We utilize sustainable, low-eco impact practices, free of pesticides and insecticides.
We are a small farm that aims to contribute to the local community.
We are values based farm - protecting pollinators and the natural diversity of the land.
We grow high-quality, crops that follow Canada's Best Agricultural Practices.