Coastal Rainforest Farm
Contact: Derrick Pawlowski & Taylor Easton
Address: 5818 Mayo Road PO Box 1052 Lake Cowichan, BC, V0R 2G0
Email Address:
Phone: 250-702-4818
About Us
From Soil to Soul!

Coastal Rainforest Farm is nestled amongst the tall evergreens & foggy mornings of the Cowichan Valley. Started as a 1 person operation in 2017 in the Comox Valley, the Farm Druid soon realized that the one of the main joys to choosing this life is to share it with friends & family. In 2019 the farm moved to the misty lands of the Shire at Skutz Falls where it saw its' transformation into a garden for land-mates & community. Many hands grow, harvest & eat the food produced on the land. Produce is sold to feed the wider community and to keep the heart & sou(i)l of CRF alive!
Healthy soils for healthy souls! Coastal Rainforest Farm is not organically certified, though farming practices follow these ecologically sensible practices to the best of our ability. The soils will tend to us the way that we tend to them and we do our best to replenish what we take from the land each year. Valuing biodiversity is of utmost importance and we also look towards a long-term plan of establishing fruit and nut orchards. "Resilience" has been a big theme this year and we are thrilled to improve our capacity to grow and store an abundance of storage vegetables such as winter squash, garlic, onions, potatoes & more. One of our next big projects is to build/dig a big root cellar. Grown always with love & as little stress as possible. If that is ever possible as a farmer... :P