Island Beeswax
Contact: Sandra Regent
Address: 1074 Shelby Ann Ave Nanaimo, BC, v9r 0h5
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Phone: 250-732-3853
About Us
My candle-making journey started with me moving to Ontario from Victoria to be with my family. I began working at my mother and uncle's beeswax candle store managing the books and day to day running of the store. Over time, however, I became interested in the actual production aspect of the company. My uncle began showing me how to make candles and wicks.

I moved back to Victoria and returned to working with horses, but extensive spinal damage made that impossible to continue with. With a lot of determination, and even more necessity, I decided to bite the bullet and put a candle-making studio together in 2012. The only teachings I could find online to further what I had been taught were mediocre at best. During a four-month period of trial and error, I managed to perfect the burning process of my candles, but I wanted to focus on their every detail.  I continue to this day to refine and perfect my beeswax candles to make them longer-lasting while not sacrificing their beauty or integrity.

I began applying to farmers markets in my area once I was confident with my products. I went to my first market in April 2013. I then graduated to being accepted to Holiday shows featuring only handmade designs and large sought after art shows all over the island and western Canada.
All candles are hand dipped/hand poured with Western Canada beeswax and cotton wicks.