New Mountain Farm
Contact: Michael Nyberg
Address: 1160 Fisher Rd Cobble Hill, , V0R1L4
Email Address:
Phone: 250-891-2995
About Us
New Mountain Farm has been supplying local organic food to the greater Victoria community for the last 8 years.
Once apart of the Haliburton Community Farm co-op, farmer Mike has moved out to the Cowichan valley in 2019 to start a new farm.

He is excited to branch out into the Cowichan community and is grateful for the support.
Certified Organic since 2010
Currently “transitional organic “ for this year, due to being on new land. Will be fully certified again in 2020

Currently has about 1.5 acres in production.
Uses no organic pest sprays.
Integrating cover crops into production areas.

Specializing in garlic! I keep 14 varieties and have a big passion for high quality garlic.