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Wishing Well Farm
Contact: Laura Boyd Clowes and Luca Granata
Address: Cowichan Valley North Cowichan, BC, V9L 5z4
Phone: 250-256-8794
About Us
A micro market garden and greenhouse at the base of Mt. Prevost. We are passionate about growing beautiful food for people to enjoy, and love to experience the changing seasons through food, horticulture, and outdoor activities.
These are lovingly handmade veggies! We are continuously building soil with compost to maximize the food's nutrition, and minimize our impact on the surrounding meadow. We fertilize with organic amendments such as kelp, alfalfa and fish, and have no need for any synthetic sprays or toxic pest controls. We mostly use hand tools for cultivation and always strive to be less reliant on plastic and petrol. Laura delivers our products by bicycle. Well wishes!