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Dancing Dandelion Farms
Contact: Kailli Pigott
Address: 3204 Drinkwater Rd. Duncan, BC, V9L5Z2
Phone: 250-510-7592
About Us
Dancing Dandelion Farms began in 2017 and grew from our shared passion for plants. We started our farm as a vegetable farm and soon found that we have a true love in both flowers and vegetables. We have learned over the years, that flowers have emotional and healing properties both for ourselves and our community. We currently have 4.8 acres with 1.5 acres in production. Our most ambitious goal for the future is to convert all our farm buildings to renewable energy sources, and to one day open up a flower shop of our own. Currently, we grow over 75 flower types including everything from dahlias to zinnias to sweet peas. Kailli's background as a botanist and vegetation ecologist also makes us unique. She not only loves plants for their beauty, but also has a keen interest in their scientific composition and anatomy.
We grow using minimum tillage on permanent beds. To do so, we use a two-wheeled tractor that only breaks ground every few years to reshape the beds. Most farm work is done using hand tools. We do not believe in using synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and instead use mechanisms such as row cover, crop rotation, weed barriers, building healthy soil and creating environments for beneficial insects to control pests and weeds. Healthy soil is created by increasing organic matter through cover cropping and composting.