Golden Greens Farm
Contact: Caroline & Fabian
City: Chemainus, BC,
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About Us
Golden Greens Farm was founded in 2018 on a 2 acre piece of paradise up Mt.Sicker Rd. in North Cowichan. We are working hard (using mostly muscles, not machines) to transition the old hayfields into vibrant & productive gardens. We are adamantly against the use of chemicals - we are stubborn and patient, and will take all the time nature needs to build good soils for the crops we love. We use cover crops, well-loved animals, and strategic planning to work with nature to achieve our goals.

We are passionate about good food, and supporting our community as one tiny piece in the food security puzzle.
We are not certified organic, but we believe in supporting our soil and ecosystem with natural practices. We never use chemicals, and are proud not to use single-use plastics in our production operations.