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Sunset Acres
Contact: Simon and Jamie Glaude
Address: Maple Bay Road Duncan, BC, V9L 5N6
About Us
We are a small family run hobby farm, on the shores of Quamichan Lake. Our small contingent of 5 lovely Alpacas and a few chickens keep us busy all year long. The new addition of bees last year has helped our 110+ year old orchard stay vigorous and productive! The orchard is the heart of our farm. With only 10 King of Tomkins County trees left, with the help of a large Golden Russet and a Spartan tree, on a good year our orchard yields upwards of 5,000 lbs of fruit. Some years ago we grafted an additional 20 King Apples onto new rootstock, in order to revitalize the orchard for generations to come.
We are not organic certified, but are very conscious of using the very minimum of sprays on our trees, to ensure healthy trees, without harming our bees! We only use organic certified products, like dormant oil and sulfur.