Local Forage Farm
Contact: Nathan Harben & Jody Danielson
Address: 3930 Vaux Rd. Duncan, BC, V9L6S6
Email Address:
Phone: 250-533-9337
About Us
In April 2014, two biologists, Jody and Nathan, bought a run down home and small acreage and set about starting a local sustainable farm. Through continual hard work and a passion for ethically raised animals, the farm now produces an abundance of nutritionally dense food including eggs, lamb, chicken, pork and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Pork: We raise our pigs on pasture and ground where they have room to root and run around. We feed them a large amount of fruit and vegetables everyday through Cowichan Green Community's reFRESH program which makes for a healthy pig and an amazing marbled pork product.

Lamb: Our small flock of Dorper/St croix sheep are rotated through a number of pastures and fed the best local 2nd cut hay possible. The meat is rich and full of flavour, resulting in an amazing tasting product.
Minimal tillage, rotational grazing, organic and permaculture principals. All compost and soil is made on the property.