Ol' MacDonald Farm
Contact: Cam MacDonald and Paulina Kee
Address: 3228C Gibbins Road Duncan, BC, V9L 1G8
Email Address:
Phone: 250-597-0313
About Us
The amazingly delicious vegetables of Ol' MacDonald Farm actually come from three different farms whose generous owners allow our family to farm their land in return for a portion of the harvest. It's about as local as it gets, with two of our farms just 3 km from town and another in Cowichan Station. We love farming and we love eating--especially when friends are helping with both--and believe that the best tasting and nutritious food comes from growers who love what they do and do it on a small and personally sustainable scale. We farm on an intimate scale (1/3 acre) using primarily hand tools. Instead of seeking organic certification, we strive to utilize more ecological principles and techniques--not required for organic certification--such as no till (Paul Kaiser), soil remineralization (Steve Solomon), permaculture, local barter and minimal use of fossil fuels. Above all our goal is to improve the land we farm rather than degrading it, and to approach farming as a practice rather than as just a business. We believe it is the love and attention we devote to this practice--and our balanced soil--that gives our produce its superb taste. Try it and you'll see what we mean!
Grown organically on an intimate scale--food as delicious and nutritious as it gets!