Hard to Come By Farm
Contact: Wayne and Cindy Haddow
Address: 3311 Telegraph Rd Mill Bay, BC, V0R2P3
Email Address:
Phone: 250-743-3327
About Us
About us: Our orchard is located on 5 acres at the south end of Telegraph Rd in sunny Mill Bay overlooking Brentwood Bay. We started the orchard in 1991 from dwarf rootstock and grafts and have been producing and marketing about 14 varieties of apples ever since. All our apples are tree ripened and then handpicked and carefully boxed to avoid bruising. We have some heritage varieties like Gravenstein, Cox orange pippin, and Kings and many older varieties ( macoun, greensleeves, macs, summer red, akane, discovery, spartan,) and newer tasty varieties (liberty, elstar, jonagold). We recently added to our orchard with new trees including gala, honeycrisp, sunrise, grannysmith, ambrosia, and pink lady. Early apples are available in August. We pick later varieties until November and apples are stored on site in our cold storage facility. We have apples available until late December. We welcome people to visit our farm and bulk orders are available. Our juice, when available in the fall, is 100% sourced from our orchard using a blend of varieties to maximize flavour.
Our practices: We follow an integrated pest management program. This involves the application of sulfur for control of powdery mildew and apple scab and use of pheremone strips to disrupt mating of coddling moth insects. These practices combined with careful monitoring of weather patterns and insect pest populations through trapping helps us reduce the need for chemical fungicide and insecticides. We only spray when absolutely necessary, when rain is predicted and therefor apple scab will spread and when traps indicate a severe insect pest problem that can not be controlled by other means. Sprays if required are discontinued in June or early July. We mow weeds under the trees. We do use fertilizers periodically.