Aerie Farms
Contact: Michelle Backe & Dan Backe
Address: 2411 South Road Gabriola, BC, V0R 1X7
Email Address:
Phone: 250-716-6075
About Us
Aerie Farms is a pasture raised pork farm that started from a quest to take small but meaningful steps to live out our values. Two former urbanites purchased an old homestead in 2015, started a family, and have been incrementally setting in motion our dreams, embracing optimism while continuing to hustle hard. We strive to provide ethical, delicious, & nourishing pork products for our local community.

We began with a line of heritage Berkshire pigs from Manitoba. Berkshire pigs are a premium heritage breed that is bred to have a slightly higher pH than normal, which makes the meat darker, firmer, & more flavorful with proven superior nutrient density (feed selection further contributes to this).

We are also developing a line of cross-breed heritage pigs to maintain healthy small scale genetic diversity.

Follow your instincts and you will not be led astray. Our farm is named after an eagle's nest, as the day we toured this site there was a grouping of eagles souring overhead, playfully riding the wind currents. An aerie is "the nest of an eagle or other large bird, usually built in a high place that cannot be easily reached." We knew we would have endless projects but also a sense of awe & freedom living rurally so we took the leap & are ever grateful to be stewarding this parcel of land as first generation farmers.
Our animals are raised on a luxuriously large pasture, with the goal to build out to rotational agriculture as we grow. Animals are fed local non-GMO diet (no antibiotics in feed), along with recovered produce & occasional treats like spent grains – which all together contributes to a quality marbled meat.

The animals can express their natural behaviors such as rooting and foraging. Happy pigs are healthy pigs.

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