Zimbabwe Music Society
Contact: Amy Matamba
Address: 3581 Mill Bay Duncan, BC, V9L6K5
Email Address:
Phone: 250-213-1436
About Us
The Zimbabwe Music Society (ZMS) is based in Mill Bay and is a new farm in the Cowichan Valley. ZMS specializes in kale because of it's incredible health benefits and in the interest of supplying Vancouver Island with local, fresh, high quality foods. Tafadzwa Matamba is our Farmer and Agriculture specialist from Zimbabwe, Africa (formerly Rhodesia). Matamba's style of farming, combined with his passion, knowledge and experience, has proven to be effective and productive here in Canada. We produce many varieties of kale and each offers something a little special, but they all offer Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Folate, Iron and more... making it the healthiest food on the planet!

Not only is kale a happy food, but our kale is also sung to daily! That's right! When we are not farming, the Zimbabwe Music Society is in community bringing hundreds of professional music performances to over 17 greater communities on Vancouver Island! "Making a Difference through Arts & Culture" is our motto and more info, music, videos, and products can be found on our website at Check out our garden in our Shaw TV Feature on our video page!

ZMS is also making a difference in Zimbabwe as we work toward bring a team of 15 Cowichan Valley optometrists to Magunje, Zimbabwe to give eye care and custom made glasses to 1000 people. This will be the first medical attention this rural area has seen! See more at Buy ZMS kale and make a difference!