Manna Farm
Contact: Elia and Mark
Address: 2590 Sahilton Rd Duncan, BC, V0R 2C0
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About Us
We grow on the best soil in Cowichan Valley!
And we do it all...vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, flowers, poultry, eggs, Bigleaf Maple syrup!
Get it all through our year round, free choice Full Diet CSA! (Half Diet Shares also available).
We farm strictly organically! But we don't believe in certification (ask us about this).

Only certified organic fertilizers are used in the field and for seeding mix. We use certified organic seed whenever possible. We never use treated seed. We never use chemicals - no herbicides, no pesticides. Instead we spend lots of time weeding and understand some of our product is also grown for the bugs and birds in our community. All of our chickens are raised on pasture supplemented with certified organic feed.

Ask us about our farming practices anytime! We have nothing to hide and are proud of our growing choices!