Yesteryear Farms
Contact: Jenell Reynolds
City: Yellowpoint, BC,
Email Address:
Phone: 250-816-0618
About Us
YESTERYEAR FARMS - For the past 10 years we have worked tirelessly to create the best practices and the most caring methods to breed and raise clean meat, Pork, Lamb and Chicken.
Yesteryear Farms ethical and sustainable purpose is to expand production of quality and local meat. We work together with other local like minded farmers to utilize farms that are either under farmed or need upgrading to become viable, vibrant and producing clean meat products that are of suitable quality for the Yesteryear Farms brand. To this end Yesteryear Farms has built a commercially permitted kitchen in Nanaimo , which is dedicated to the aggregation, production, packaging, storage, and distribution to its growing participation at Island Farmers markets, health conscious quality retailers and restaurants. Yesteryear Farms is proud to be added as a member and supplier of its product range, to join the other quality farm suppliers at the Cowichan Valley Co-operative Market (CVCM).
The Pork - Our hogs are bred for premium quality and fed non-GMO grains, and organic vegetables without the use of steroids or Anti-Biotics Yesteryear Farms only produces and sells the Berkshire breed of pigs (Black English Heritage Breed). Which have superior flavour and smoking characteristics for our amazing bacon, hams, sausages and meat balls.
The Lamb - They are bred and raised in the CVRD in Yellowpoint and Cedar on a grass pasture diet for approximately 7 months, to create the optimum flavour and consistency of the prime lamb cuts and ground to create the range of sausages, burgers, sliders, kebabs and meatballs.
The Chicken - They are fed an organic grains mix which is supplemented with the ability to forage for a natural free range diet.