Ultreia Farm
Contact: Michelle & Derek Masselink
Address: 2816 Crozier Rd. Chemainus, BC, V0R 1K5
Email Address:
Phone: 250-324-2442
About Us
Ultreïa Farm is a small family farm located on the outskirts of Chemainus, below Fuller Lake at the north end of the Cowichan Valley.

We grow a variety of high quality produce that we sell out our roadside stand on Crozier Rd. and through the Cow-op.

We also raise and breed Icelandic sheep and heritage poultry (Barnevelder, Lakenvelder, Whiting True Blue, Silver Spanged Hamburgs, Icelandic, and Partridge Chantecler chickens, and Black Muscovy ducks).
We maintain our farm using organic and agroecological principles. We do not use inorganic fertilizers or pesticides. We are not certified organic.