Innisvale Farm
Contact: Peter Ryan and Holly Harris
Address: 7143 Rice Rd. Duncan, BC, V9L 5W5
Email Address:
Phone: 250-746-7143
About Us
We are a small family-owned farm primarily growing blueberries,, but we also have a variety of pears, apples and plums. Our blueberries grow in a lake bed of natural peat above the farm house. Tree fruit grows in the orchard in front of the house. The farm is located at the end of Rice Rd., to the north-east of Duncan (proceed 5 km East on Herd Rd. off the Trans Canada Highway close to Maple Bay).
The field is maintained in a labour-intensive fashion with pruning, weeding, picking and sorting of the bushes and berries by hand. We do spray the bushes with a fungicide as the buds develop in early spring, to avoid mummyberry (which is unavoidable and impossible to control without fungicides). The spray is applied long before the berries develop and thus we state that our berries are not sprayed and do not need washing before eating.